Mesa family on alert after possible prowler caught on camera

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-25 22:35:46-04

A possible prowler was caught on camera peaking into windows and trespassing onto a Mesa home near University and Stapley drives.

The man rang the doorbell several times Friday around 6:30 a.m., and he looked directly at the security camera.

"The guy was walking around the front, and then at one point he walks into the carport, and then he leaves the carport, and then he looks into our kitchen window, and I thought that was suspicious," said Robert, the homeowner who only wanted to be identified by his first name because of safety concerns. 

Robert was at work when the cellphone app to his alarm system notified him that someone was at his door, and then in his backyard. 

"We share a wall with a building behind us, and he jumped over that wall, walks right around our pool, and then walks right up to our two French doors, and just peeks in," Robert said. 

Robert’s wife and two young kids were inside at the time and unaware of what was happening. His wife said that she heard the doorbell ring and that while she was getting out of bed she heard the doorbell ring several more times as she got ready. But when she finally got to the door, the man was no longer in the front, and she thought he had left.

"I had to call my wife and say, 'He's in the back yard,' which was-- that's something, like, out of a horror movie or something," said Robert, who had been watching the situation unfold from his phone. 

The couple called police to take a report, but said there didn't seem to be much concern.

"They [police] seemed to think that he could [have] possibly been getting a ball, or even possibly [been a] city employee," Robert's wife said. 

According to the Mesa Police Department, officials assigned a detective to the case over the weekend and they have an internal bulletin with the man's picture to try to identify him for criminal trespass. 

"It's unsettling that I was here with my children alone. [I] wasn't prepared for him to be so close, so in our space. That was unnerving," Robert's wife said. 

Meanwhile, the couple has emailed the video to their neighborhood watch group to keep them on alert.