Mesa dog shot by SWAT officers recovering

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jun 01, 2016

Tails are wagging and Roxy the boxer mix is feeling much better after being shot with a bean bag that had to be removed from her rib cage.

“Her incision is a little swollen, there was some fluid coming out of it last night,” said Stephani Martin, Roxy’s owner

Aside from that, Roxy is on the mend. 

Martin says she’s also feeling better after a visit by a Mesa police commander on Wednesday.

Martin says the commander personally apologized after a SWAT officer shoot Roxy, and also paid for the veterinarian bills. 

“I'm glad they acknowledged they dropped the ball, they need to pay closer attention to the situation I guess,” added Martin.

Mesa Police say the shooting happened last week. 

Police were in Roxy’s neighborhood near Mesa Drive and Southern Avenue for an injured teen who was hiding in a backyard armed with a knife. Police believed the teen was going to hurt himself and reported he was bitten by a dog.

SWAT officers went door to door and searched backyards nearby. Officers hopped into Roxy’s backyard, and that’s when Mesa police say Roxy and another dog rushed them and the bean bags were fired.

“I can't imagine they would be like that because the other dog that wasn't severely injured, he doesn't really act like that,” said Martin.

The injured teen was found somewhere else, not in Roxy’s backyard. Roxy was found several hours later in her backyard bleeding.

Martin told ABC15 last week that there was no notice given to her that police were even in her backyard, let alone, shooting Roxy.

Roxy received a punctured lung and a 5-inch gash, but should fully recover. The Mesa Police Department has launched an internal affairs investigation into the shooting.