Medical marijuana delivery man robbed by gunmen

Posted at 12:32 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 14:32:28-05

A delivery man working for a medical marijuana company was robbed by gunman in Mesa

Court documents show that on Feb. 11, a man making a delivery for a medical marijuana dispensary service went to the area of Alma School Road and Main Street in Mesa to make a delivery. 

Police say he met the customer in the parking lot and asked to see his medical marijuana card, instead the suspect, 21-year-old Marcus Edward Wright pulled a gun and stole the marijuana. 

Another armed suspect also approached and robbed the victim of his iPad, storage box and cash,.

Based on the descriptions given to them by the victim, police were able to find three men, matching the descriptions, standing outside a  nearby apartment. When police arrived, two of them quickly ran inside the apartment. 

The victim was able to identify one of the three people detained. Police found a medical marijuana card on Wright. Police also found a bandana stuffed in his underwear.

Police say Wright admitted his involvement in the robbery but said he was only the "lookout, " and it was someone else's idea.

He told police they returned to the apartment and smoked the stolen marijuana. Police searched and found the marijuana,  some of it still with the dispensary packaging.

Wright is facing a charge of armed robbery with a deadly weapon.