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Man accused of sexually assaulting babysitters in Mesa

Posted at 8:03 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 22:03:47-05

A sex assault case in Mesa is bringing to light new information about a decades-old sex assault case in Washington.

Dion Earl, 45, is accused of sexually attacking two babysitters in his Mesa home on two different occasions. 

"There's evil people out in the world and you wouldn't believe that these evil people would come across your child," said O.D. Harris, a stepfather to one of the victims. 

Mesa Police confirmed to ABC15 there are three Valley victims who filed police reports in the fall of 2017, but one was sent to Las Vegas Police for investigation. 

All three alleged victims were babysitters who worked for Earl during different time periods. 

Since Earl's arrest in October 2017, police in Kirkland, Washington told ABC15 they received new information in a 2009 rape case of a massage worker involving Earl.

"Obviously your arrest created the information that came in,”  said Lt. Robert Saloum with the Kirkland Police Department.

O.D. Harris and Elizabeth Ward are thankful to see other victims along with their daughter may see justice. 

"Heaven sent, we're glad, our prayers have been answered," Ward said.

"Our justice system has to protect the victims." said Harris.

Harris and Ward told ABC15, their 18-year-old daughter had been called to babysit for the Earl's in October. She told them Earl lured her into the bedroom claiming he needed to talk to her about his wife.

Ward noticed her daughter wasn't herself when she returned and that's when she said her daughter told her about the attack. 

"I was appalled that a person like this would take this from a child — this innocence," said Harris. 

A Mesa Police report details Earl pleasured himself in front of the teen and then called later asking if it had turned her on. 

Earl told detectives another story claiming it was the teen who groped him but denied they were in the bedroom. 

Court documents show the teen victim had a social media app open and was able to take a photo of the two in the bedroom. 

Earl was arrested and charged with assaulting both the 18- and 22-year-old babysitters.

But the teen victim's parents feel if Earl had been arrested in Washington their daughter would not have become a victim. 

"They failed us because they failed to act," said Harris. 

"There’s no people who want to go forward with this more than the police and the prosecutor. This guy has a long history and needs to be prosecuted," responded Lt. Saloum. 

According to a report by the Seattle Times, Earl has been questioned in several sexual misconduct cases dating back to 1998. 

"A serial predator, someone that needs to be locked up for a very long time." said Ward. 

"The most important thing is for Mr. Earl to be behind bars so that he won't hurt or harm another female, ever again," said Attorney Benjamin Taylor who is representing two of the victims in civil suits against Earl. 

The case will go to trial March 6.