Kayaker finds dead horse along Salt River

Posted at 11:03 PM, Oct 04, 2015

A kayaker was enjoying a trip down the Salt River when all of a sudden he saw something sticking out of the water. 

In footage captured by the man, a dead horse is seen laying in the water near the Coon Bluff Campground. 

The man encountered other horses, that were alive, as he kayaked down the river.

Wild horses are known to be in the area, and recently many have pushed for the protection of these wild horses along the Salt River after officials said they were planning to round-up the animals. 

Animal rights group, along with several Arizona politicians, expressed outcry about the possibility of removing the free-roaming horses from the area. 

Back in August, Tonto National Forest Supervisor Neil Bosworth postponed any action regarding the horses on the Salt River for at least 120 days.

Bosworth says he hopes to work with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and other interested parties and stakeholders to try to find a collaborative solution to address the horse issue.

ABC15 has reached out to forest officials to find out what will happen to the dead horse found in the water, whether it will be removed or not, but has yet to hear back as of Sunday evening.