Infamous hackers targeting Mesa officers

Posted at 10:30 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 00:57:51-05

An infamous hacker group that has targeted law enforcement in Arizona before is sending out a new warning to the Mesa Police Department.

In a five minute YouTube video "Anonymous" focuses on two officer-involved shootings in Mesa this year.

"Just as you laid them out, we shall lay out your many abuses," a digitally enhanced voice says in the video.

Police say Daniel Shaver was shot  and killed when he refused to show his hands in a hotel in January.

Danielle Jacobs, the transgender woman with Asperger’s who'd been threatening suicide, was killed in February when she reportedly came at officers with a knife. Both shooting cases are still under investigation.

Anonymous is demanding the officers who pulled the trigger in both cases be named, fired and criminally charged. 

The group is also calling on its supporters to prepare to occupy Mesa police.

"To the Mesa Police Department, it's too late to be expecting us, see you soon," said the Anonymous voice.

For now, it’s an ominous threat, but if history has taught us anything, Anonymous doesn't make empty threats.

The group was part of a major hack in 2011 exposing a ton of Department of Public Safety files ranging from officers' names and addresses to training materials.

The Mesa Police Department says it knows about the video but will not comment.