Forest Service not rounding up Salt River horses

Posted at 7:03 AM, Dec 13, 2015

A conservation group determined to protect Salt River horses is breathing a sigh of relief Saturday after The Forest Service withdrew its filing that classified the animals as unauthorized livestock.

The agency had planned to round up the horses from the National Forest because of safety issues like crashes and environmental concerns.

Salt River Wild Horse Management Group President Simone Netherlands she’s thankful that the Forest Service is open to talking about the humane management and preservation of the horses.

“So we also don’t want the public to think these horses are protected. They aren’t protected. They aren’t going to be rounded up by the Forest Service just yet, which is absolutely awesome. But now it’s a process,” Netherlands said.

The Forest Service’s decision comes after months of public outcry about the horses.

Netherlands said she is working on ways to keep the herd size the same.