Video shows elderly Mesa woman padlocked in home

Posted at 5:58 PM, Mar 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 02:02:20-04

Newly released body camera video shows the horrific conditions inside a Mesa home where an elderly woman was padlocked and found covered in feces.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office released nearly an hour of video, taken from three deputies who were called to the home near Brown and Ellsworth roads in February.

Deputies reported hearing the elderly woman pleading for help inside the home.

The video shows a padlock on the front door and a deputy attempting to cut it off with a pair of bolt cutters.

Deputies reportedly found the elderly woman in a back bedroom, with a piece of glassware under the victim as a makeshift bed pan.

The video shows deputies making their way around the home, which was in horrible condition.

Garbage and other items covered the floor in most of the rooms.

The kitchen had rotten food and a cat was seen sitting on the stove.

"She's padlocked, she can't get out, no one can get in, she was covered in feces, she has bed sores all over,” said one of the deputies on the video.

Rescuers had to wear masks and gloves to look around the home.

Every window covered to keep out the sunlight.

Each room was worse than the last.

The 86-year-old woman is heard moaning and pleading for help as rescuers carefully took her out of the home.

New documents show the victim had pneumonia, bed sores and was dehydrated.

The incident report released from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office reveals the victim’s daughter-in-law, Carol Brown, is listed as the suspect in the case.

Brown was fired shortly after the ABC15 investigation revealed she was a long time employee at the Department of Economic Security.

Brown and her husband, the victim’s son, were caught two weeks ago attempting to get the elderly woman out of the care facility where she was being kept in protective state care.

Sheriff’s investigators say this case is far from over and it’s still under investigation.

No arrests and no charges have been filed.