Andy Biggs gets applause, boos during town hall

Posted at 9:58 AM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 16:09:06-04

U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs was met with applause and boos at the Arizona Republican's first town hall meeting since taking office in January.

Biggs addressed topics such as health care and climate change during his town hall in Mesa Tuesday, which was attended by approximately 600 people. Some attendees said there was not enough time for everyone's questions.

Constituents from Biggs' 5th Congressional District in southeastern metro Phoenix had been asking Biggs to hold the meeting.

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In February, police were called to Biggs' office in Mesa during a rally hosted by a group of protesters who said the representative did not make himself available to his voters.

Boos erupted from the crowd, filled with liberal and conservative constituents, when Biggs said he was skeptical of scientists who believe in human-caused global warming after reading reports from both sides.

"I think that what they say is actually valid and is something that maybe you should look at as well," he said. "There are credible scientists who say climate change exists; we aren't sure why. There are credible scientists who say that. There are credible scientists who say it doesn't."

Biggs also addressed his opposition to the GOP's proposed plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, which was met with mixed reactions from the crowd.

"I do not like that bill because it does not keep a promise we made to repeal (the Affordable Care Act)," Biggs said. "It leaves the framework in place. Those of you who like Obamacare, this is your best alternative."

Other voters asked for his opinion on high-risk pool insurance programs and internet privacy.

Betty Breeden of Gilbert said the representative earned her respect.


"I think it was an ambush. The people who were here were not really interested in answers to their questions," Breeden said. "They were here to jump on him. ... I think he did very well under the circumstances."