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New Gilbert class teaches young girls confidence

Posted at 4:35 AM, Sep 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 10:05:28-04

GILBERT, AZ — A new class in Gilbert is teaching young girls how to be confident.

"Meant to Be Me" is offered to girls in fourth through seventh grades. There are two classes once a month and each month focuses on a new topic.

Lindsay Monroe, Kristen Arnett and Hillary Whalen started the course after realizing their own daughters were struggling with confidence issues.

Monroe says the classes have been extremely successful. Since starting in April, more than 100 girls have been involved. Many of them come back each month.

"Our little slogan is, 'The world needs who were meant to be,'" said Monroe. "It's all tools and skills that they need to have confidence."

Each month, they focus on a specific topic like thought power, loving yourself and body image.

"When you realize you're in control of your thoughts, which controls how you feel, that gives you confidence," said Monroe. "Realizing that everyone has the same worth as everybody else. Nobody is more or less than anyone."

Ava Knap is a sixth-grader who has taken the classes. She says when she first started, she was having a rough time at school.

"Back in fourth grade, I didn't have as many friends and I wasn't doing 'Meant to Be Me.' This year I have a big group of friends that I brought together because I feel more confident in myself," she said.

Knap says she's learned tools to help her change her perspective in situations that used to bother her.

"There could be girls who can be mean and bully you because they feel jealous. These classes help you focus on the positive instead of seeing the negative side of the situation," said Knap.

Ava Whalen, a fifth-grader, says she is much happier at school after taking 'Meant to Be Me' classes.

"Whenever I'm having a hard time at school, I just think back to these classes and how I feel happy. Or what I can do to change the situation or change the thought I'm having to make it a happy one instead of a negative one," said Whalen. "I have many friends at school who struggle with confidence. I often think to myself, 'they just need to come to one of these classes, so they can learn that they are wonderful girls and that they can have confidence.'"

The classes are split into two age groups. Classes are two hours long and cost $27 a month.

You can find out more or register for a class by clicking here.