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Gilbert woman getting negative tweets meant for congresswoman with same name

Posted at 6:07 PM, Dec 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-13 20:07:17-05

GILBERT, AZ — Gilbert grandmother Debbie Lesko has never been confused for anyone, let alone the West Valley Congresswoman who shares the same name, until now.

"It's showing up on my feed that I'm this terrible person," Lesko says of the largely negative messages she's been receiving. "And it's like you got the wrong person. I'm just an old grand mom who takes care of my grand kids."

Like it or not, grandmother Lesko and Congresswoman Lesko have become one in the same. Bound together by the emotions of impeachment and the failure to recognize the difference on twitter between @DebLesko and @Repdlesko.

During the impeachment hearings this week in the Judiciary Committee, which Congressman Lesko is a member, Debbie Lesko of Gilbert received 50 tweets from people who thought they were directing their opinions to the Congresswoman.

"Most of them are very negative. They're really putting her down, calling her names," Lesko said. "It's hard because it's directed at me, sort of."

Congresswoman Lesko said, "this impeachment has been very partisan and unfortunately the other Deb has been caught in the mix. My office always welcomes people’s opinions, positive or negative. People just need to make sure they go to the right account, @repdlesko."

From one Deb Lesko to another, thanks.