Gilbert Police release body camera video of officers accused of punching pregnant woman

Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 11:15:15-04

Gilbert Police have released body camera footage from three of its officers involved in an arrest now at the center of a "use of force" investigation. 

On March 5, 24-year-old Richeda Jobe's mother called police to report her daughter was violating a court order to stay away from her home.

Officer M. Ander, Officer B. Wilson and Officer R. Sheppard responded.

Witnesses say Jobe was not cooperating when the three officers tried to arrest her, but they say that's no reason for the treatment she got.

They recorded the event in which they claim one of the officers punched Jobe in the face as she screamed she was pregnant. But witnesses admit the actual punch is not visible on the video.

In body camera video released by Gilbert Police, you can see Jobe struggle with police as they tried to handcuff her. 

"Stop resisting," repeats one of the officers three times.

"I'm pregnant," yells Jobe in return.  

Jobe is concerned about a son and pleads with officers to release her, "What about my son? What about my son up the street?!"

But officers tell her she is under arrest. 

When they ask if she has anything sharp, she doesn't reply.

"Stop, we need to search you, this is an arrest. Lean up against the car, you need to get your stomach up against the car," can be heard from Officer M. Ander's body cam.

"Stop fighting us Richeda,” Officer B. Wilson appears to have said. 

"Just release me, you can't do this," pleads Jobe.

"Stop, we're done with the games," Officer Ander warns. 

As the situation escalates, Jobe is caught on two body cameras kicking Officer Ander.

In Ander's body camera angle, it appears Jobe almost lands a backward head butt, her hair brushing the lens. 

In Officer R. Sheppard's body cam, we can see Sheppard make some type of quick move with a gloved right hand, but it's tough to tell if it’s a strike, or a reflex as he pulls back and tells other officers, "She bit me." 

At the same time, we see Officer B. Wilson's right hand also go in, but can't make out if he's searching her jacket or if it was a strike. Again, nothing was clearly caught on camera. 

It's after these quick moves, Jobe begins to scream, "He punched me in the face."  

According to court documents, Jobe admits to hospital workers she bit an officer. Police reports show the bite drew blood. The report also shows she kicked Officer Ander three times. 

Jobe is charged with aggravated assault.  

Officers Sheppard and Wilson are on administrative leave as Gilbert Police continue to investigate.