Five generations of Arizona family born on September 3rd

Posted at 9:41 PM, Sep 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-04 15:53:57-04

September 3rd is a special day for one Valley family.  

"She was born today, which happens to be my birthday, my mom's birthday, my grandma's birthday and my great grandpa's birthday."  

Jan McBride, and her daughter Kristen Cooley were born on September 3rd. Baby Everly Cooley was also born today.  

With her birth, the family now has five generations, 115 years total, all born on the same date.  

"My grandpa was born in 1902 in Arizona Territory, and then my mom when she had me, then it put pressure on me to want to but I never thought that it would happen," Cooley said. 

Do they hate sharing the same birthday? Not at all, they say. 

"When my mom was alive the three of us would go, all three of us would go to all the free movies, free breakfasts and dinners, and we'd say it's all of our birthdays and people would be like, 'No way!' We'd have to show them our licenses," McBride said. 

Cooley admits there may have been some planning to get her baby born today, but call it fate or luck because baby Everlyn arrived a week late fulfilling that special wish, and to the delight of her entire family.   

"They've all been rooting for us and rooting for her to wait until September 3rd but a week over is a long time," Cooley said.