Fake Gilbert 'Secretary of Defense' campaign signs a prank by man's twin brother

Posted at 10:37 PM, Aug 29, 2016

A giant campaign sign in Gilbert, complete with a smiling picture, are turning heads but are also leaving people scratching their heads when they look for his name on the ballot. 

David Watts is running for "Gilbert City Secretary of Defense" which should come as a surprise to everyone considering that's not a real position, but no one was more surprised to see the campaign signs than David Watts himself.

"I started getting people coming up to me in church saying, 'Hey,are you running?' and they thought it was real," he Watts.

The irony is Watts' biggest pet peeve during election season is the droves of signs that suddenly clutter the intersections in town and stay there for months.

"Maybe 30 signs at one intersection, the lights are only red for about a minute so I don't have time to read them all and it gets distracting," he said. 

Enter an elaborate political prank complete with a fake campaign, hashtag, Facebook page with timed political posts courtesy of his own family.
"I did what every good twin brother would do and I made more signs with his picture on it," said his twin brother Jeff Watts, who even posed as his brother for video spoofs on the Facebook page.
A close look at the sign and the joke becomes clear listing slogans like "Proven Human," a purposely misspelled "Honur Roll Kids" and "Against Campaign Road Signs." His brother and friends actually only created two signs and photographed them at various locations around town to give the illusion online that the signs were everywhere.
Once the jig was up, David decided to roll with the campy campaign humor and use it to lighten the mood of an otherwise tense election season.
"We may not agree with this part of elections, but we do respect those who run for office and those who serve. It's a great thing," he said.