Note toting woman robs three Chandler stores

Posted at 1:34 PM, Apr 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-11 16:34:34-04

A Chandler woman used notes to demand money during three robberies. 

Court records show that a 19-year-old woman would pass notes to store clerks demanding money and at times she'd beg for money as she robbed the stores. 

Police say Melissa Anne Davis went to the Water 'n' Ice store near Ray and McQueen roads on March 18 and handed the clerk a note.

She reportedly told the clerk that if he failed to comply "her boyfriend who was waiting outside would come in and kill him."

The clerk gave her the money and then called police.

Police reports say that two days after the same woman went into a CVS store in the same area and again handed a note to the clerk. This time police say she told the clerk she was sorry and that she was being forced to do this by two men who would kill her if she didn't commit the robberies.

The compassionate clerk offered to call police and protect her until they arrived instead, police say. Davis took the note and left the store.

She allegedly tried again about 20 minutes later at another store down the street. This time she was successful in getting the cash.

Tips from the public came in on March 21 and provided police with the name of Melissa Davis. Police saw that Davis did look similar to video captured at the crime scenes, and the suspect's tattoos matched hers as well.

Davis was arrested the next day. Police say Davis kept with her story that she was forced into the robberies, but they found no evidence to support that claim.

Davis has been charged with robbery and attempted robbery.