Secret Service investigating President Trump threat made in Chandler

Posted at 9:34 AM, Mar 07, 2017

The Secret Service is investigating threats made to President Donald Trump that originated in Arizona.

Chandler police said on March 6, they received information that an individual in Chandler made threats against President Trump.

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“Last night about 10:30, our dispatch began to receive numerous phone calls, and around that same time, our Twitter feed began to receive numerous messages for this alleged threat against the president," said Det. Seth Tyler, a Chandler police spokesman. 

Chandler police immediately contacted the Secret Service to report the incident and the agency was already aware.

The incident is being investigated by the Secret Service.

Special Agent in Charge Cristina Beloud, with the Secret Service's Phoenix field office, said further details such as the suspect's name, gender and city of residence could not be released.

The Secret Service takes threats against the President very seriously and those cases are a priority for investigation regardless of how they are presented, Beloud said. The same goes for Chandler police.

“We take them all very seriously, whether it’s against the president, whether it’s a threat against the school, whether it’s another threat of some type," Det. Tyler said. 

“For example, a threat against a school, if it is during school hours, during the school day, it makes it challenging because we have to send officers, we have to make sure that the threat is not legitimate."

Chandler police said saying such a threat was a joke or otherwise not intended to be serious is not a defense.

“It doesn’t matter if you meant to do it or if you didn't--it is that serious. It is a crime, and we will go the full measure.”