Traffic cameras to be installed in Chandler

Posted at 4:01 PM, Mar 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-13 00:33:23-05

If you thought you knew where the traffic cameras were located in Chandler, you'll be surprised to find them at new locations soon! 

The City of Chandler will be installing traffic cameras in the next couple of weeks at 12 new locations. The cameras will monitor those who are speeding and also running red lights.

"You just need to learn to manage going around them," driver Maria Rojo said. "It's a nuisance because no one slows down [anyway]."

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows red-light cameras reduce the deadly red light-running crash rate by 24 percent, but critics call them the city's cash cow.

"That's why the City of Chandler is not bankrupt. That's why we have a lot money--because of those tickets," Rojo said. 

The Chandler Police Department announced the plans today in a Facebook post, saying that the cameras will go live on April 1. 

"I was going through a yellow light, and there was traffic backed up, so I was stuck in the intersection still and got zapped for that," driver Carrie Cerovski said.

Even though it cost her $280, Cerovski said she thinks the cameras make sense in some areas.

"I think if they're in school zones--yeah. Put them in residential areas," Cerovski said. "If you don't want a ticket, don't speed."

Other drivers don't think the cameras make the roads any safer.

"You've got those that've got cellphones and are texting, and you can never change that in a person, they have to change it for themselves," driver Jason Matson said.

Police say, after the cameras are installed, the system will be tested, and the cameras will inadvertently flash drivers as they are passing through. But police say it's a necessary part of the testing phase.

The cameras will go up at the following intersections: 

  • WB Queen Creek Rd at Alma School Rd
  • SB Alma School Rd at Queen Creek Rd
  • EB Ray Rd at Alma School Rd
  • EB Riggs Rd at S. Cooper Rd
  • WB Riggs Rd at S. Cooper Rd
  • WB Warner at Alma School Rd
  • SB Arizona Ave at Warner Rd
  • WB W. Chandler Blvd at N. Kyrene Rd
  • EB Ray  Rd at Rural Ave
  • SB Arizona Ave at Ocotillo Rd
  • SB N. Dobson Rd at W. Ray Rd
  • WB Ray Rd at N. Dobson Rd
  • SB N. McClintock Rd at W. Ray Rd
  • EB W. Ray Rd at N. McClintock
  • WB W. Chandler Blvd at N. Dobson Rd
  • SB Alma School Rd at Warner Rd
  • SB N. Arizona Ave at Ray Rd