PickUp USA: Chandler gym offers pickup basketball, with rules and referees

Posted at 5:10 AM, Apr 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-18 10:33:35-04

We've heard all about trainers getting you in shape, but a Valley fitness center is making sure your cardio is by the rules with a game of basketball. 

Steven Lancaster is one of the referees at PickUp USA Fitness in Chandler. "We are a one-stop shop for everything basketball," Lancaster said. 

PickUp USA is a full gym, but what sets it apart is the game. There's an actual referee watching and they're keeping score. 

"Going to an outdoor park you have the confusion of who is next and who scored and who fouled who," Lancaster said. "That is probably the biggest thing, is who fouled who. What we do here is take away all that fuss and confusion and make it as simple as playing basketball." 

Members can put their name on a list and when it's their turn to play, they're called in. They're guaranteed a spot. 

Games are 10 minutes and, like in a park, the winner gets to keeps playing. The court is to NCAA standards and there are a couple half courts as well. PickUp USA also provides jerseys to help players keep track of who is on what team.