Man claims mistreatment after being evicted out of room at Chandler Inn motel

Posted at 8:34 PM, Mar 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-11 18:01:38-04

A man is claiming mistreatment by the same hotel that ABC15 recently investigated for a cockroach problem.

Ken Nebrig paid $250 to stay at the Chandler Inn Motel with the intent to have a fun weekend. 

Instead, about ten minutes after checking into his room he began hearing a noise coming from the bathroom and got a smelly surprise.

“It just started coming up from the toilet and the bathtub, with fecal matter,” he said. “I absolutely couldn't believe this was going on.”

The toilet in his bathroom started overflowing with raw sewage. He went to the front desk for assistance but instead received a rude response.

“The maintenance person just wanted to move us to a different room for an hour or two while they fixed our room,” Nebrig said. 

“The desk manager Shonda was very rude and abusive to everyone, including her own employee.”

He says he tried to get his deposit back, but the manager kept shouting, and cursing at him.  

Nebrig ended up calling the police as the situation continued to escalate. Although officers couldn't help, Nebrig says he did learn something at that hotel.

“They told us this business does not have a great reputation in town,” Nebrig said.

ABC15 reached out to Chandler police about the kind of problems officers have responded to at that location in the past. As of Saturday night, they are working on getting us that information. 

On Friday, March 9th, ABC15 helped a woman get her money back from the same Chandler Inn after claiming to have found cockroaches in her room.

Nebrig got the boot, but what about his money?

“No refunds for any circumstances, you are evicted, get out,” is what Nebrig says the manager told him.

Nebrig's visit to the Valley has turned into quite the expensive stay. 

Not only is he out the $250 he spent on the hotel room he’ll never use, but now he’s had to spend an extra $300 to stay at a different hotel.  

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” Nebrig said.