Customers find cockroaches in Chandler Inn Motel room

Posted at 10:33 PM, Mar 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-10 00:33:47-05

A Nevada woman visiting Chandler says she found two cockroaches in her room at the Chandler Inn Motel.

She says one was found under the covers in her bed and the other was crawling on the wall.

Joy Bross even took photos of one of the cockroaches, as well as stains on the chair and bed covers.

"I had a little friend who wanted to sleep with me, I guess," said Bross. "He crawled out from underneath the covers. It was just not a good feeling. It was icky. Cooties all over!"

Yelp reviews show multiple pictures of bugs and complaints at the Inn. 

"My husband went back in and there was another friend crawling up the wall," said Bross. "So we took two of them back to the office. We have not heard from the manager."

Employees told Bross and her husband that they have a strict "no refund" policy. 

"There are certain situations when a refund is a necessity," said Bross. "And when you're sleeping with insects, that would be a refund."

They checked out and said they continued to get the runaround from employees until ABC15 got involved. 

"After the producer talked to them and contacted me, immediately after that, they said they could do a partial refund," said Bross. 

They got $355 back from the $444 they paid. And Bross says they even accidentally double charged their credit card, so they are still waiting for the other charges to reverse. 

ABC15 went to the motel office to try and get answers, but the crew was quickly kicked off the property. 

Meantime, Bross says she is going to see if she can get more money back and she's happy to be in a new hotel and had a chance to take a shower. 

"I feel clean," said Bross. "I feel refreshed."

ABC15's "Let Joe Know Team" has some advice if people find themselves in a bad motel or hotel room.

They say to always pay with a credit card and not use debit or cash. That way, the customer can dispute the charges with the credit card company, not the motel.

People are also advised to take pictures and video of the conditions and report any health violations. 

Finally, file a complaint in writing with the property, even if it's an email to the manager.