Gas prices below $2 in some parts of the Valley

Posted at 6:41 AM, Oct 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-05 09:41:17-04
The American Automobile Association predicts gas prices will continue to fall until the end of the year, and Valley drivers certainly hope they do. 
At two different gas stations off of Arizona Avenue and Germann Road in Chandler, gas was being sold for $1.88. 
Some residents even drove out of their way to pump at the stations offering gas for under two dollars. 
Cinnamon Gust is new to the Phoenix area, having recently moved to the Valley from North Dakota, and she says she's now able to fill up her tank. 
"The gas prices up there are almost about $4 a gallon," Gust said. "It's pretty insane to just drive down the street from my apartment and find that it's under two bucks."
According to AAA, gas prices are at a seven month low. The current national average price for regular gas is $2.29. 

If gas prices continue to trend downward, some residents say they'll be planning more road trips, some saying they'll visit California or other locations. 
"I mean the sky's the limit," Myra Creary said. "If gas prices are low, I can go."
For those wondering whether low gas prices are here to stay, AAA is predicting they'll continue to drop until December, and that's good news for anyone who wants to travel for the holidays.