Chandler homes targeted in rash of burglaries, neighbors say suspects using alleyways

Posted at 5:12 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 22:15:00-04

Homeowners in a quiet Chandler neighborhood are on edge after a series of burglaries hit the area.

A neighborhood watch group estimates at least a dozen homes have been the target of burglaries, or attempted burglaries, in the past three to four months.

Susi Wheeler’s home was broken into two months ago. She says it happened in broad daylight after she left for work. The suspects stole jewelry, clothes, television and an entire gun safe.

Wheeler estimates thousands of dollars in property was stolen. But what’s making her nervous, is the fact that the burglars used an alleyway behind her home to get inside.

“You feel like you're paranoid, but I've called the police a couple times when I see people in the neighborhood I don't recognize or seem off,” said Wheeler

A neighbor’s surveillance cameras captured the suspects parking behind Wheeler’s home the day it was broken into. She believes they jumped the wall, broke a window, and then cracked her gate lock to make off with all of her belongings, including the safe.

Chandler Police is investigating the burglaries, but believe each case is separate. In fact, in some cases the homes or cars that are broken into aren’t even locked.

"Unfortunately, in many of these cases, either the vehicle is not secure or the home is not secure in some way,” said Detective Seth Tyler.

What Wheeler and the watch group believe is not secure are the alleyways that surround the neighborhood. In two community meetings, they’ve requested that the alleys be gated so that only city utilities can get in.

The city of Chandler is looking into the request, but there are some neighbors that are against the proposal.