Chandler driver arrested in deadly hit-and-run

Posted at 3:37 PM, Sep 25, 2015

After a hit-and-run in January left a Chandler woman dead, the Chandler Police Department finally arrested the driver.

Wanda House, 55, was charged with one count of failure to stay with the victim on Sept. 24.

On Jan. 14, House was driving southbound on South Dobson Road when she veered into the bicycle lane and hit Francis Johnson, 47, who later died of her injuries. 

Police report that House exited her vehicle, but did not see Johnson who came to rest 12 feet from the roadway, so House drove away. 

According to the police, House did not call the police or her insurance company. However, after media coverage about the death, House expressed worry to her family who then reported the incident to the police on Jan. 15.