Chandler community on alert after an increase in break-ins

Posted at 10:40 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 08:13:19-04

A Chandler community is on high alert after surveillance video captured a man breaking into a garage in a unique way.

“He was using a tool, you can see it on video, to get into the door,” said Tracy DuCharme. 

DuCharme says last Friday night her surveillance camera captured the moment a burglar made his way into her garage at the Chandler Crossing Estates near 56th Street and Ray Road. 

“As soon as he opened the door, he put on another glove and then he had these crazy things on his feet, either galoshes or like the things you put on if your a nurse in a hospital to cover up your feet,” said DuCharme. 

As the minutes ticked by, the man is seen making at least ten separate trips inside, all while DuCharme, her husband, and two children slept in their beds. 

“He walked around, he took tools from over here, he took tools from over there,” DuCharme said. "He was walking around getting anything he could for 17 whole minutes."

The man stole tools like a brand new table saw and an air compressor which he is seen using to prop the garage's side gate open. 

“That is terrifying to know that he was ten feet away from my bed basically,” said DuCharme. 

DuCharme says this isn't her communities first issue like this. 

Crime mapping shows eight home break-ins, three commercial burglaries, and ten vehicle thefts all in the last month within a three-mile radius of her home. 

“It’s getting out of control for some reason,” said DuCharme. 

She said its time for neighbors to take back their communities and that she’s counting on them for help. 

“I’m hoping that being on social media, being on the news that someone is going to recognize him,” said DuCharme.