Owner of Rottweiler who attacked an animal control worker has been charged

Posted at 12:41 PM, Dec 04, 2018
and last updated 2019-01-09 15:11:56-05

The owner of a Rottweiler who attacked a Maricopa County Animal Control worker has been charged with assault by a vicious animal, according to Chandler police.

On November 7, Officer Rick Alva responded to a residence near Warner Road and Arizona Avenue to impound "Rocky" the Rottweiler per a court order .

Alva, along with other Chandler police officers, arrived at the property and contacted Rocky's owner, who reportedly opened the door, but according to witnesses "made no effort to restrain the dog."

Alva was bitten in the right forearm, and after that bite, the dog initially released its grip.

Alva was unable to get away at that point and was bitten a second time in the same area of his forearm.

The Rottweiler allegedly refused to let go, which prompted the Chandler officers escorting Alva to open fire on the dog, killing the animal.

The dog’s owner, 69-year-old Larry Lee Jerdee, has been charged with assault by vicious animal. He has been summoned to appear in court on February 4.

Alva has had three surgeries on his arm as he recovers from the bite.

Alva says this is the first he plans to return to work as soon as possible.