West Phoenix preschool violated seven child care regulations

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 21:52:29-04

A west Phoenix preschool violated seven state child care regulations, according to a government investigation after ABC15 aired video of a worker's abusive behavior.

An unnamed employee at Amigo Preschool,  on 71st Avenue and Indian School Road, is shown in a video yelling at a little boy, shoving his chair, and kicking it against the wall. A parent, concerned about the safety of all kids in the class, gave the video to ABC15.

When ABC15 showed the video to school director Christina Samarripas in May, she immediately fired the woman. 

State inspectors went to the child care center several days later. According to state records online, they issued seven citations.

The most serious citation says the employee was verbally and physically abusive. The woman's employment file was also missing critical information. According to regulators, there was no fingerprint clearance card, no criminal history affidavit, and no proof of required new employee training.

The preschool remains open. No fines have been levied to date. State regulators declined to comment saying the case is still open.

Phoenix police tell ABC15 they are also investigating, but they say they need to find the parents of the boy in the video.

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