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Video captures possible road rage incident in west Phoenix

Posted at 10:38 PM, Oct 30, 2018

A Valley woman is speaking out after she and her son witnessed a possible road rage incident in west Phoenix on Sunday.

It was right after two men got out of their own vehicle, took their shirts off, and tried to start a fistfight.

A pickup truck plowed another car into a cinder block wall on Indian School near 78th Avenue.

"He was gunning the engine, and he was not hitting the brakes it all," said Lori Justus, who witnessed the crash from her backyard.

Two men narrowly escaped being hit.

"The main reason we started rolling video is we thought it was going to end with somebody seriously injured or dead, and we figured it would be good evidence," Justus said, whose son was recording the whole incident on his cell phone.

The video does not capture how the incident began, and Justus said there was no indication of a crash ahead of time.

Justus witnessed the truck plow the other car into a homeowner's wall, which more than 48 hours later still has pieces of headlights and tire marks around it.

"Then he just backed up and drove down Indian School like nothing ever happened," Justus said.

The people in the pickup did not get very far.

"He was smoking quite badly when he went past our backyard," she said.

Phoenix police eventually caught up with Justus to get the video and get the people in the pickup.

"[The officer] said they got the driver, but they were looking for the gentlemen in the other truck to try and figure out what had started the incident."

ABC15 has reached out to Phoenix police to see if anyone was arrested and what charges they could face