Valley smoke shop raided for selling spice

Posted at 9:51 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 10:59:48-05

Phoenix police raided a smoke shop Wednesday after they say spice was being sold out of the business.

A search warrant was served at the business located near 28th Avenue and Thunderbird in Phoenix.

Investigators say this isn't the first time they have caught Gahtan Al-Awadi selling out of his business.

They've raided his shop three other times at different locations for doing the same thing.

Al-Awadi wasn't at the store at the time the search warrant was served. One man was taken in for questioning.

Two others were on scene when police arrived. They say they were at the store because they were talking to the owner about buying the business.

Authorities say spice cases can be hard to prosecute because the chemical makeup of the drug keeps changing.