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Vigilante justice? Phoenix neighborhood takes matters into their own hands

Posted at 9:18 PM, Apr 08, 2019

PHOENIX, AZ — A Phoenix neighborhood is taking matters into their own hands to stop thieves from stealing.

“We don’t have a lot, but we want to keep what we do have," said Mark Bozeman who lives near 35th Avenue and Roeser Road.

Bozeman and his neighbors are frustrated. After each theft, they file a police report, provide surveillance video and more, but often - their valuables are never found.

“People have to know that they just can’t take something that they didn’t work for or earn themselves," Bozeman adds.

He and his neighbors on a constant lookout for thieves. Bozeman says he uses the live feed from his outdoor surveillance cameras to check if anyone's scouring the streets, especially overnight. That's when Bozeman says most of the thefts occur.

Bozeman says one person stole his neighbors Christmas decorations just one day after the holiday. In February, speakers were taken out of his daughters' car, and earlier this month, his neighbor had her potted plants stolen.

Just last week, Bozeman says he noticed someone walking through the neighborhood through his camera, got out of bed, and went after him.

"He starts trying to talk to me as if he’s friendly," said Bozeman. "'Oh, I’m just here to go to my girlfriend’s house.' So, I said, 'Oh, where does she live? Let’s go over.' At that point he realized wait a minute, no one’s buying this lie, he decided to break off and run.”' Bozeman chased him to the end of the street, before backing off, but the next day, the same man returned.

This time around, Bozeman was in his truck and followed the man as he tried to run and hide. “It let me know that they’re just going to keep coming unless they get arrested.”

He called Phoenix police, and Bozeman says that man, along with another thief were both arrested because of their efforts.

“It’s like all of us are kicking in in the middle of the night when we see something funny, or texting each other," he said.

Phoenix police were unable to provide any information on the two men reportedly arrested when ABC15 reached out for information.