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West Phoenix family concerned after bizarre break-in

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 16:44:07-04

It's not what they saw on video, but what they think an intruder did while inside the home, that's freaking a Valley family out the most.

Anahis Mendoza told ABC15 someone broke into her parents' home near 63rd Avenue and Indian School. 

She says the person shattered a vehicle's windshield and appeared to gain access to the house by breaking the glass on a back door. Mendoza found the aftermath when checking on the house on Monday.

"I'm still pretty angry about it," Mendoza said.

While inspecting the house, Mendoza told ABC15 she found broken bottles of alcohol in her parents' bedroom and the bedsheets ruffled. She says her mom left the bed made perfectly, leaving her with a disturbing thought.

"Maybe just snooping around in our stuff and trying to just take a nap I guess," she said.

Adding to her suspicions, home surveillance video shows a man hopping into the backyard of the home on Sunday afternoon. While you can't see the man enter the home, he grabs bottles of alcohol, ends up shirtless, and disappears from the view of the camera. 

According to the timecodes on the video, he is seen more than four hours later appearing from the direction of the home and hopping back over the fence.

"It is an invasion of privacy," Mendoza said. "You're not welcome here, and you just feel like you just lost your safety in your own home."

Phoenix police are investigating.