PD: Two teens shot at west Phoenix house party

Posted at 4:44 AM, Sep 11, 2016

Two teens have been transported to the hospital after a shooting in west Phoenix overnight. 

The incident happened during a house party near 83rd Avenue and Lower Buckeye on Sunday morning.

Phoenix fire said a 15-year-old boy was shot in the neck and a 15-year-old girl was shot in the face.

According to Phoenix police, both of victim's injuries are non-life threatening.

Police say the shooting originated from people at a nearby park and was aimed toward the party.

Another man, Frenchie Dwayne Lonnie, shot back at the people in the park. Homeowners where the incident happened said Lonnie was trying to defend the people at the party.

However, he was arrested because he was a prohibited possessor and had outstanding warrants. He will be charged with aggravated assault as well for shooting his weapon because the SUV passing by was struck by Lonnie's gunfire.  

"Everybody is making it look like it started from here, we never had incident like this," a female homeowner who didn't want to be identified said. "It was an innocent birthday party for our granddaughter the kids were just having fun, there was no alcohol being served, there were no drugs found here."

Police had originally said the shots fired came from two vehicles driving nearby, but they have since ruled those people out of the incident. 

Police are still looking for at least one person who fired the first shots from the park.

Phoenix police say there is no indication this is tied to the serial street shooter.

If you have any information about this incident contact Phoenix police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.