PD: 6 arrested after firing at Phoenix officer

Posted at 10:21 AM, Sep 11, 2015

Six people have been arrested after firing multiple shots at a Phoenix police officer on Friday morning.

Officials said it started when the officer saw a car full of people pointing a gun at people on the sidewalk.

The officer started following the car and in a series of audio transmission obtained by ABC15 you can hear how the situation escalated.

"Westbound Northern. Passenger is pointing a gun out the window," said the officer.

"Passenger is looking like he is looking at me. I'm afraid that he is going to start firing at me. Shots fired at me. Four rounds."

Glendale police said that while several shots were fired at officers, officers did not return fire.

Police followed the car as it went into the Hidden Gardens apartment complex near 59th Avenue and Northern.

Using a support helicopter, police were able to locate six people who ran from the vehicle.

The officer did not report any injuries.