Handicapped woman rescued from house fire in west Phoenix

Posted at 7:06 PM, Sep 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-30 01:53:27-04

A woman is hospitalized due to severe smoke inhalation after being pulled from a Phoenix home that caught fire.

According to a Phoenix Fire spokesman, fire crews arrived at a home near 35th Avenue and McDowell Road around 4 p.m. Friday after receiving reports about a fire inside. 

Firefighters were quickly able to get the flames under control and found a woman in a wheelchair, officials said.

Neighbors also rushed to the home to help the woman. Several people broke windows and grabbed hoses, including 16-year-old Isaiah Adrian.

"My friend actually pointed to it over there, because we heard the glass breaking," Adrian explained. "As soon as I opened the door, it was like an oven — just a blast of heat hit everybody."

A nearby mechanic shop supplied tools for people trying to douse the flames.

"They hopped the fence and broke water hoses out and we started breaking windows and spraying the couches," Adrian said.

The woman's brother, Alex Jimenez, said he's thankful for the neighbors who helped rescue his sister.

"Seeing her on the floor, all black all over, it made me crazy," Jimenez said. 

Jimenez stopped by the house after the fire was put out to check on the dogs who are thankfully OK. He also wanted to thank all of the brave neighbors who rushed to save his sister during the terrifying incident.

"That's why I came here right now, to show my appreciation," he said. "Tell them I'm thankful that they were here. We are all like a family in this neighborhood. We all look out for each other."

The woman was taken to Maricopa Medical Center to receive treatment for smoke inhalation and 1st- and 2nd-degree burns to her arms. 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation and no additional information was released.