Phoenix woman's home 'ransacked' by burglar, guns stolen

Posted at 10:36 PM, Sep 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-12 00:29:44-04

A Phoenix woman is warning others after her home was burglarized and several items were stolen, including guns.

The woman — who does not wish to be identified — told ABC15 that on Friday night she returned to her home near Baseline Road and 12th Avenue to find it “ransacked” and guns, jewelry and an iPhone missing from her bedroom.

The woman says thankfully she wasn't home at the time of the crime.

Footage from their surveillance camera showed a man inside the home for about 15 minutes disguised in a black mask and gloves, the woman said. She believes the man broke in through the doggy door.

No additional information was available about the burglar’s appearance. The victim is hoping someone has information that may lead to his arrest.

People who wish to register their security system with police to help improve response times when it comes to criminal activity in a neighborhood can do so here.

Phoenix police recommend people create an environment in front of their home that looks “lived in” and well maintained.

That means trimming down bushes and eliminating anything in front of windows and doors that may serves as places where criminals can hide.

Make sure your house is well lit. 

Park your car out front, not in the garage, to give a sense that someone is home but make sure it is empty not forgetting to remove the garage door opener or house keys from the car. 

Don’t hide spare keys around the house.

Things like doggie doors, remove them if you can. They’re something we might overlook but they only present an opportunity for criminals to break in.

Police also say to get to know your neighbors. Share information with them and develop a system to share that information.