Family pup snatched from backyard? Owner believes so

Posted at 9:18 PM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 07:35:51-05

Flyers have been passed out after Thor was outside and his owners believe somebody was walking by and just took him. 


This yard is pretty lonely  for Khalissi. 


“Yesterday she wasn’t eating because I think she realized he was gone.”


Khalissi is Thor's big sister. The two were playing in the backyard near 35th and Southern avenues on Sunday when Thor disappeared.


There's no evidence to suggest the 2-month-old pup dug himself out, and he's too big to squeeze through the bars. 


So his owner, Victor Alvarez, says that can only mean on thing.


“That was my first reaction that someone tried to grab him," he said. 


A red and white husky, Thor stands out, with one hazel eye and one blue eye. Alvarez put up flyers around the neighborhood. 


“I’m hoping someone brings him back," he said. "I’m not losing hope, it has only been a couple days, there is a chance that he is out there.”


And they are hoping someone will bring the dog back. 


“It’s upsetting with Christmas around the corner," he said. "Who does that? You want your dog to be with you during the holidays."


If you know where Thor is, call (480) 260-7443.