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Residents of a Valley apartment complex complaining of sewage flooding their homes

Residents of Highland Park Apartments complain of sewage in homes
Posted at 5:33 PM, Dec 30, 2019

PHOENIX — Apryl Gastelum is packing up and moving out after only living at Highland Park Apartments for a month. In that time, she's been living with raw sewage that leaked under her floor and into her bathroom.

"It comes out like dirty water, like muddy water, but it's poop water," said Gastelum. "It's going under the walls and under the tile."

Gastelum has placed foam panels throughout her home to walk on and prevent water from leaking and spreading to other parts of the home. Her children, who live at the complex with her and her husband, are currently living with an older sibling.

Her latest leak happened on Christmas Eve, which for her was the last straw.

"The three days of having sewer water in my apartment made my apartment unlivable," said Gastelum.

The apartment complex is managed by Trans-Pacific Asset Management. A spokesperson for Trans-Pacific said the tenants are to blame, flushing non-biodegradable hygiene products down the toilets.

An on-site manager seconded the issue, adding that roots from nearby trees also add to the issues with plumbing. Management told ABC15 that they are working to maintain the issue, regularly cleaning drains, but didn't provide a long term solution to the issue.

Gastelum took action into her own hands, filing a complaint with the Maricopa County Economic Services Department.

The department can only respond to an issue after they receive a complaint. Complaints can be made by calling (602) 506-6616.