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Phoenix woman opens doors to inn in Texas to help people impacted by winter storm

Posted at 3:46 PM, Feb 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 19:43:22-05

GLEN ROSE, TX — A Phoenix woman that owns an inn in Texas has opened up her doors for anyone who needs a warm place to stay. She's helped more than 100 families since the weekend, and many will have to stay long-term because their homes are inhabitable.

A year and a half ago, Pam Streeter left Phoenix to restore and run the historic Inn on the River in Glen Rose, Texas. That's about an hour south of Fort Worth.

"We are known as the dinosaur capital of the world, we are also known as the moonshine capital of the world, said Streeter.

The century-old hotel has 21 rooms and a restaurant.

"We have people who will come in from all over--Houston/Fort Worth area, from Austin. It's couples, it's families."

Little did she know when the massive winter storm hit the state on Valentine's Day, her inn would become a shelter. She posted online that they'd welcome anyone who needed a warm place to stay.

"We figured we'd have maybe five to ten calls. Since Sunday afternoon, we've now put 130 people through the property--staying in rooms, getting them warm, getting them hot meals. That includes 38 dogs, five cats, three spiders and a fish," said Streeter.

She said a lot of people in the area live in mobile homes or older houses. People lost power and water, including shelters and hotels, so many didn't have anywhere to go.

"I mean it was -10 degrees, that's not normal for Texas. People don't have clothes. That's like asking Phoenix to go to 0 and spend three days in 0 degrees. Nobody there would have the tools to handle that. The houses wouldn't handle it," she said.

Millions of Texans lost power for days due to an overwhelmed electric grid. Many still don't have any access to safe drinking water.

Misty Melton and her husband have been staying at the Inn on the River for days.

"It's been horrific, it's been crazy, it's been crazy," she said. "She (Pam) has been a godsend. She's helped so many people in so many ways."

Streeter said other community members have also stepped up to help. They've received several food donations for families.

"Helping somebody and seeing that instantly that something like a hot meal or a shower or a hug saying 'we've got you, we will find a way to help you move on,' that's priceless."

Because the inn used to be a wellness center, it's on a part of the grid that doesn't lose power during outages.