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Working Valley mother desperately searching for lost family dog

Posted at 7:39 PM, Nov 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 23:25:18-05

You may have seen her standing along the side of the road, near 7th street and Union Hills, clutching a neon green sign with tears streaming down her face. 

She is not a homeless woman asking for money.  

She is a Valley mother, and a full-time nurse just looking for her lost dog.

Allani Selzer says her black lab, Copper, escaped from his enclosed backyard on November 13th.

The last tip she got was that a man in a dark SUV picked Copper up near 7th Street and Union Hills.

Since then, the dialysis nurse took a week off work and stood at the intersection hoping the man who found Copper might find her there looking for him.

"Maybe if he is driving home from work he will see me standing out there and want to stop, or come back, or call me," said a tearful Selzer.

She said there has been no sleep, just restless nights, and a lot of tears since her beloved pet disappeared. This could not have come at a worse time for the mother.

Her son is battling cancer. As she cared for her child, Selzer said Copper cared for her.

"He was my therapy dog. My son loves him so much too," cried Selzer.

She has also been religiously checking the county animal shelters to see if any dog resembling Copper has been turned in. She's seen many black labs, but no sign of Copper.

An animal advocate who drove by Selzer standing on the road took her picture and stopped to hear her story. Then she posted it on many pages dedicated to finding lost animals in Arizona.  

"Most people don't do the work when they lose their dog. They just think one day it'll magically re-appear. It was apparent to me she was doing the work. She was a walking billboard looking for her black lab. She looked very distraught if you want to know the truth. She just seemed very lost. Not just her dog was lost, but she seemed lost," said Dusty Lee, one of many animal advocates who has been helping share Selzer's story on Facebook.

Lee has also printed dozens of flyers, and has been pounding the pavement, helping Selzer post them around the community.

Selzer said the response she is seeing from strangers has been overwhelming.

"With so much going on, it's nice to know that some people care. You don't hear a lot of that. People are actually caring," said Selzer.

If you can help bring Copper home, Selzer is offering a reward. You can reach her at (602) 819-6186.