Valley man rescues puppy left in trash can

Posted at 5:22 PM, Sep 18, 2015

A border collie mix puppy got a new chance at life when a man found him in the trash and brought him to the vet.

The puppy, appropriately named Trooper, was found by Ryan Mack in the trash on 7th St. and Bell Rd.

RYAN IS A HERO. .WE ARE TAKING THE DUMPSTER PUPPY NOW TO THE VET. We have ran every test. . The parvo test came back negative. Distemper pre-screening came back negative we are waiting for the actual real distemper test to come back this week. I would like to repay the nice man that went with us to pay the entire bill. All receipts can be shown if you so desire. Channel 10 and channel 12 will feature this at 5 9 and 10. The Phoenix Police Department actually drove all the way to Scottsdale just to take the report thank you to the Phoenix Police Department that cared enough to show up. Please be aware that at 7th Street and Bell there are complexes there and there definitely is somebody that is cold hearted, and that would do this.. Dusty

Posted by Passionate People 4 Paws on Friday, September 18,

Video courtesy of Passionate People 4 Paws. 

He is four pounds will be syringe-fed for several days until full recovery.

The Passionate People 4 Paws Facebook posted the information about Trooper and mentioned they were able to find someone to cover the veterinarian bill. 

Those wanting to donate to Passionate People 4 Paws or inquire about adopting Trooper are encouraged to reach out to their Facebook page.