Arizona Humane Society says dogs, cats found in 'horrendous' conditions in Phoenix

UPDATE: Animals living in 'horrendous' condition
Posted at 4:36 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-18 11:12:02-04

New evidence has been collected in the case of a possible animal hoarding situation in north Phoenix.

Thursday night, a bag of animal remains was found inside the home near 7th Street and Deer Valley Road. 

On Thursday, a plastic bin, covered in flies, was found on the sidewalk in front of a property which had been raided just 24 hours earlier by authorities for suspected animal hoarding. Inside the bin, were the remains of a dog that had been missing for quite awhile.

"I was paying for her to foster," said Faith Williams, who has been on a quest to find her dog Raider.

"I never surrendered, I never gave her a contract that said she could sell him, nothing. And he's also chipped," added Williams.

Williams said she paid Wiggle Butts Dog Rescue to look after her dog when she fell on hard times last year. 

"I was paying for her to care for my dog," Williams said. "He wasn't surrendered. He wasn't a dog there trying to look for a new home. He had a home."

Technicians later verified through the microchip the remains were Raider's.

ABC15 attempted to contact the owner of Wiggle Butts, however, calls and a door knocking were unsuccessful.

Williams said she is devastated by the tragic loss of her dog. 

"There were so many flies around the box and just disgusting," Williams said. "I understand he was deceased, but it's disgusting how she handled the situation..."

According to authorities, AHS medical technicians first responded to the Wiggle Butt animal rescue Wednesday evening. Thirty-four cats and dogs were removed from the property.

An AHS spokesperson said the address has been under investigation for some time after receiving reports of neglect. However, they worked with the Phoenix Police Department to get a search warrant this week.


AHS said 24 dogs were surrendered due to the "horrendous" conditions of the home.

There were several breeds of dogs found in the home (including huskies, plot hounds and pit bulls) and they ranged in age from puppies to seniors. There were also 10 cats found on the property.

The animals are now being treated by AHS for a range of medical conditions including illness, wounds, malnourishment, ticks and hair loss. A handful of the dogs are in critical condition and are being closely monitored.

"It shocked me," Williams said. "It disgusted me. You're supposed to be a rescue caring for these animals and they were tick infested, sick, skinny and losing hair. No animal deserves that."

The owner's name hasn't been released, however, investigators are continuing to gather evidence before moving forward with any criminal charges.