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Suspect shot at officers more than 10 times, bulletproof vest may have saved a life

Posted at 10:33 PM, Mar 31, 2020

PHOENIX — Thousands of officers gathered across Phoenix Tuesday, dressed in blue, wearing the mourning band on their badge and standing in silence.

“To pay tribute to a man we call hero, friend, father, son, grandfather and all-around decent guy,” said Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams.

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Commander Greg Carnicle’s body was draped in the American flag as he was escorted to a funeral home.

Hours later, Officer Alicia Hubert, 22, was released from Deer Valley hospital.

She was shot in the foot and in the back. Phoenix police say a bulletproof vest likely saved her life.

Her fellow officer, Marissa Dowhan, 23, still has more surgeries but will fully recover physically.

The trauma though, will likely last much longer.

“It was horrible. I heard women screaming and crying,” said Aitiana Sanchez, who lives two houses away.

Phoenix police say the suspect Jacob Mcilveen, 22, fired more than ten shots at officers using a pistol.

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Phoenix PD says he snuck up and ambushed Commander Carnicle and the other officers as they came up the stairs. Two other officers were at the bottom when the shots rang out.

Neighbors heard the horror from a distance, while others, like one roommate, were much closer.

After the initial shooting, Phoenix police called for backup and had to extract the wounded officers from the home.

Once they got the injured out, they began to set-up a tactical perimeter. But one roommate was stuck inside with the suspect.

“When we looked outside we saw the man crawling out the window on to the back roof,” said Carri Strutton. “And an officer back there with a gun, ready to go.”

“I saw him waving at the chopper,” said Sanchez.

“This guy did not have a gun or anything. He was unarmed and scared,” said Strutton.

Witnesses say he jumped off the roof and cut his leg, but was able to run out of the yard and escape.

Fortunately, three other adult roommates and a one-month-old baby were able to leave before the shooting.

Detectives were back at the home Tuesday bagging evidence.

Down I-17, other officers were at a police union fundraiser at Chick-fil-A for commander Carnicle’s family.

“It’s been nonstop, cars have been rolling up the entire day,” said Officer John Maxwell, with the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.

The restaurant even had to get more chicken and fries from other stores nearby because they ran out.

“It’s been absolutely amazing. The community has really stepped up,” said Maxwell.

With signs, chicken sandwiches, and salutes - the community has been grieving the loss of Commander Carnicle and trying to say ‘thank you.’ But nothing can match the commander’s 31-years of service that ended with the ultimate sacrifice.

Phoenix police say they hope to have more funeral details Wednesday, and are going to go with whatever the family decides.

The department though has said they are trying to find a way to accommodate the large number of friends, family and fellow officers that want to attend, while maintaining social distancing. They have indicated the services will be streamed.