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Stray bullet from man involved in police shooting travels half-mile, narrowly missing homeowner

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jun 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-15 12:35:54-04

PHOENIX — A stray bullet pierced a Valley man’s home, nearly hitting him, and police say that bullet came from over half a mile away.

At first, Newell Newberry thought he was being targeted but after calling 911, he learned it was a bullet from an incident several blocks away.

"Right here, getting some stuff out for dinner. Then I heard a big bang which scared me and I jumped back,” says homeowner Newell Newberry.

Newberry was just a few inches away from being hit. A stray bullet came through the kitchen window, hitting the microwave.

"I seen where it ricocheted and the cops found where it hit on the TV,” says Newberry.

The bullet ultimately stopped underneath the stove.

“Yea, I’ve got nine lives and one of them is gone. It's a miracle it missed me. Yea, it was pretty close,” says Newberry.

The bullet came close to Newberry but it actually traveled over a half mile before striking his home. It stems from an incident Phoenix Police were responding to at 39th Avenue and Thunderbird Road.

"Phoenix 911, what's your emergency?" says operator.
"Hello, my father is here and we have a warrant of protection out on him,” says caller.

42-year-old Aiden Carlos apparently violated a protection order. Phoenix police responded to the home and say Carlos was armed with a handgun, reportedly pointing it at an officer.

Gunfire erupted between police and the suspect.

"Get away from the gun, Carlos,” says the officer on the body camera video.

Carlos can be seen lying on the ground after being hit.

"You already got me; you already got me,” says Carlos on video.

Ring camera video from the home shows Carlos sliding the gun away as officers make an arrest. They eventually get him to a hospital.

“There's an ammo right there. Yea, there's another mag in his pocket,” says officers on video.

Police later learned Carlos was involved in an armed robbery just a few hours before. This string of events put others in danger.

"They were just, ‘man, you're lucky.’ They kept saying, ‘you're lucky.’ I know I was lucky because you could see where it hit,” says Newberry.

Police spoke with Newberry at his home later that night. They used a search warrant to collect the bullet for their investigation.

“The cops said they could travel up over a mile, a bullet, if it’s shot and doesn’t hit anything,” says Newberry.

Newberry is just thankful to be alive and for the microwave he says saved his life.

"I think God was with me, that's for sure,” says Newberry.