Scorpion infestation found in Biltmore neighborhood

Posted at 10:50 PM, Jun 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 01:50:01-04

Scorpions are only a problem in certain parts of the Valley, right? 

Guess again. 

ABC15 went scorpion hunting with one local expert who says finding one is fair game ANYWHERE in the Valley! 

Recently, we went along with Ben Holland, owner of Scorpion Sweepers, as he searched a neighborhood off State Route 51 and Bethany Home Road. 

We found half a dozen scorpions in five minutes. 

"Really anywhere and everywhere there could be scorpions," Holland explains. 

Holland says there are scorpion "hot spots" in Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, and Gilbert, but older neighborhoods like many in Central Phoenix are also part of the equation, too. 

Holland says part of the reason why is because many of these older neighborhoods have alleyways, perfect hiding spots for scorpions. 

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Holland also says those concrete walls that are so popular across the Valley are perfect places for scorpions to go. 

"One wall could support dozens, maybe hundreds of scorpions if you let it get out of control," he says. 

And don't forget about landscaping. Palm trees, mesquite, and eucalyptus are the perfect escapes for scorpions. 

Hollands says the best way to avoid a scorpion problem is clearing out leaves around your house, looking for any wall damage, and checking your property every few weeks.