Safe with $90K stolen from Phoenix home; victim says it's stolen mementos that hurt the most

Posted at 9:59 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 04:54:13-04

Christy used to talk to the mementos every day. She would open the safe in her bedroom closet and touch the coins and rings that once belonged to her grandmother. She cannot do that anymore. 

Those coins, rings, and $90,000 in cash were stolen when the safe was hauled off while Christy was on vacation, according to court paperwork. A friend who was watching her home cannot be found, the court paperwork said. Christy suspects that her friend stole the safe.

“I’ve been violated,” Christy said. Christy, who lives in north Phoenix, asked that only her first name be used.

She did not want to publicly share why she kept so much cash in her home, but said that she had her own reasons. Most of the cash was from a recent inheritance. She has recovered about $9,000 of the stolen money. She said if she could get anything back, it would be her family’s wedding rings.

“It’s the memories that I don’t have anymore,” she said.

Her family tree lived throughout her home. The walls are still polka-dotted with photos, and she has a treasured painting of Disney Land to mark her family’s frequent trips there, but she no longer has the mementos she hoped would turn into heirlooms for her granddaughters.

“My whole life’s been taken from me,” she said. 

This story will be updated, and Christy’s heart consoled, if the person who stole her safe is arrested.