PD: Phoenix man accused of molesting young boy

Posted at 6:36 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 22:37:55-05

A Phoenix man is accused of assaulting a young boy in a hot tub.

Robert Paul Johnson, 56, reportedly dropped his pants and forced the 8-year-old to touch his penis as punishment for sucking his thumb, according to court documents.

Johnson is also accused of sitting in a hot tub naked with the boy and sometimes touching the boy inappropriately.

The suspect was considered to be the boy's "grandfather" although they are not biologically related, said police. The boy told his mom what happened and the mom contacted police.

In an interview with detectives, Johnson admitted to being frustrated with the boy for sucking his thumb and admitted to sitting in the hot tub naked with the boy, according to police records.

When asked hot many times the boy was in the hot tub naked with Johnson, the boy responded, "100 times."

Johnson told detectives, according to records, that he did not intend to touch the boy inappropriately and referred to it as a "very stupid mistake" and a "lapse in judgment.

The man was booked into jail on felony counts of sexual conduct with a minor, attempted sexual conduct with a minor, indecent exposure and molestation of a child.

He's being held in jail without bond.