More snakes at Valley homes attributed to dramatic weather changes

Posted at 4:39 PM, Mar 22, 2017

Seeing more snakes in your backyard? It isn’t just a coincidence.

David Coleman, from Precise Pest Solutions, says the temperatures are to blame for an increase in snake sightings across the Valley. Shaded areas like garages and patio are ideal places for these reptiles.

“Anything that looks like a safety place for them – to get out of the rain, to get out of the cooler weather – they’re just going to be hanging around,” Coleman explained. “They are not necessarily going to go back into hibernation because we’re going to cool off a little bit.”

A north Phoenix family said they found four different snakes at their home over the course of two days.

Dylan Jones was home alone when he found two mating snakes outside.

“I see two tails go up from out of the bush,” Jones said. “Just moving around; I didn’t know what was going on.”
Jones reached out to a local pest company to help remove the reptiles. However, just a day later another snake was found in their driveway.

Terri Jones said a snake was found in their driveway and again, the pest control company was called. While investigating the property they found another snake.

Coleman has some suggestions for others, like the Joneses, whose home is prone to these slithering creatures.
“We need to watch our patios, underneath shelving units…behind storage bins that we put on our patios,” he said.
He also advised people to call the pest control company before the fire department.