MCSO raid of Phoenix home uncovers spice laced with Fentanyl

Posted at 11:04 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 09:43:15-04

Maricopa County investigators made a troubling discovery after they served a search warrant at a home near 16th Avenue and Union Hills. 

A picture taken from inside the garage shows what looks like a pile of dirt with a red cement mixer. 

The investigation, conducted with the help of DEA agents, discovered the dirt was actually 50 pounds of spice, a form of synthetic marijuana. 

Two brothers, Saif and Iskandar Hallak, were arrested in connection with the discovery.

However, the spice authorities seized was stronger than what is normally available on the street.

An analysis determined the spice wasn't pure, and instead laced with the deadly ingredient Fentanyl. Earlier this year, the DEA issued a warning to Arizona law enforcement agencies about the potency of more common drugs being laced with the chemical.

Sources told ABC15 the cement mixer was used to mix the two drugs evenly before packaging.

This is the first time agents have seen this combination in the U.S.

ABC15 tried to find the suspects, and found Saif Hallak is listed as a business agent for a tobacco shop in Tempe. He was working when we arrived, but declined to answer our questions. 

Authorities say spice has been linked to two recent tragic stories: the teen who killed Phoenix Police officer David Glasser and the mother who killed her three children are both believed to have been on the drug at the time they committed the crimes of which they are accused.

Investigators cannot image how dangerous the combo drug can be.

"If it is laced with Fentanyl and you take too much of it, you will die," said Special Agent Doug Coleman with the DEA.