PD: Man stabs former roommate in restaurant

Posted at 3:01 PM, Dec 29, 2015

A Phoenix man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing his ex-roommate and ramming a police SUV.

According to court documents, Phoenix police were called to the Babel Mediterranean restaurant near 19th Avenue and Union Hills Road around 8 p.m. on December 21st. When they arrived they found a man who said his former roommate, 58-year-old Jamal Khouri, stabbed him.

According to police, a witness told them that Khouri and the victim were arguing over Khouri's missing passports. The witnessed said the victim grabbed Khouri's shirt and poked him several times in the face.

The next thing he saw was Khouri holding a knife and the victim was stabbed in the stomach. 

Khouri fled the scene in a van but the witness was able to call him and convince him to return.

Police report that when Khouri arrived he was commanded to exit his van, but instead he put his van in reverse and rammed a police SUV with an officer inside. 

Khouri was taken into custody without any further incidents.

Khouri told police that feared the victim because he was so much larger than him. He also said he fled in fear of the crowd of people there.

Khouri is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault on an officer.