Family says confined space rescue has silver lining, four lives saved through organ donation

Posted at 5:45 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 21:55:00-04

Juan Pablo Garcia is being called a hero for what did following his tragic death last week.

Officials say Garcia and two other men fell into an underground grain storage and lost consciousness due to the lack of oxygen.

Luis Angel Garcia says his brother was a man who put others before himself.

Garcia says she brother was a talented doctor, caring for animals in Mexico, before coming to the United States five years ago.

"When he came to California, the point was to, take some classes, so he could become a full veterinarian here in the US, and his goal was to always to support his family," said Garcia.

Juan Pablo ended up in Arizona, working for Doctor Bill Tryon.

Juan Pablo sent money and support to his 9-year-old daughter in Mexico, who was the love of his life.

"People ask me how can you become so attached to someone into years, and it's not that hard with Juan Pablo," said Joe Ruelas, a family friend.

Ruelas says Juan Pablo was pursuing the American dream and even in his death, he is still helping people.

Juan Pablo's organs were able to save four people.

Juan Pablo's one wish was to take his daughter to Disneyland.

His family has set up a fund to help his daughter:

The other men, Dr. Bill Tryon, his friends and family are still in shock over his death.

The family of Cristian Silaghi, the neighbor who also tried to help and died in this tragedy, said they are not in a state of mind to speak yet about what happened.