Dad brings BBQ inside house to keep family warm

Posted at 5:17 AM, Dec 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 01:30:21-05

A mother and her children are covering at the hospital after the family brought their barbecue inside their house to try and keep warm. 

The Phoenix Fire Department said the father was grilling outside his condo near 32nd Street and Bell Road on Monday night. When he was finished, he brought the grill inside to help heat the home up because the heat was not working.

What the father didn't realize is that the grill brought the carbon monoxide levels to a "deadly" reading, according to a fire official. 

The family called 911 once people began feeling sick. 

The mother and her two children--ages 10 and 13--were taken to the hospital. Fire paramedic did some treatment on scene. Their conditions were not immediately updated Tuesday night.

Neighbors learned about the situation and began donating items, including blankets, to the family to help them keep warm until the heat is fixed.

"A lot of people got up and wanted to help, and I wish we would have known [the heat wasn't working] because we would have gotten her a space heater sooner, said Alexx Canal, who lives in the condo complex.

ABC15 tried to get in contact with the owner of the condo, but he or she could not be reached.

The family is within its legal right to contact a repair company to fix the heater, but they said they do not have the money to do it.